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Falling Down

The 7th (and last? only the shadow knows**) Laura Winslow mystery - a love story set within the unresolvable conflict between chaos and serenity in Southern Arizona.

I love Laura, but it's time for a break from this series, so I'm now working on several other projects.***

In the meantime, in Falling Down, Laura romps through her seventh adventure - love, intrigue, identity theft, bonding with daughter and granddaughter, peril, drug smuggling, romance, spiritualism, the magnificent beauty of the southern Arizona desert - what's not to like?

** Ok, so it's not really her last adventure. I've just finished a thriller short story titled JaneJohnDoe.com that features characters and plot elements from four of the seven books. When it's published, I'll let you know. And since I'm living more weeks a year in Tucson, how could I resist more adventures?


David Cole-- "Every bit as good as Hillerman. Laura Winslow is a tough lady PI with a distinctly soft center." - Rhys Bowen - Agatha & Bruce Alexander award winner

-- "Laura Winslow - one of the most complex and fully realized protagonists around, and whenever Cole throws her into the dangerous and violent outside world of his fiction, I resign myself to staying up late and finishing the book in one gulp." - Donna Andrews - Agatha, Anthony, & Lefty award winner

-- "I found myself on a whodunit quest that kept me reading far into the wee hours. The author has a gift for creating refreshingly original suspects--an obsessive aging actor turned casino owner, for instance, and a terrifying Navajo skinwalker, whose presence is deduced from the way his victims die." - Sue Henry, award-winning Alaskan mystery writer

"Her technological savvy, Hopi heritage and the grim lessons gained from her dark and tragic personal history combine to make Laura Winslow a unique and gutsy sleuth. She's at her best in this compelling and readable novel." - Mary Jane Maffini, award-winning author of the Camilla MacPhee series and the Fiona Silk series, former president of Crime Writers of Canada


***What's up next?

Currently I'm working on four projects. One is a thriller set in New York and Ottawa, Canada, featuring the mystery and romance between an Iraq war veteran and his chance encounter with a Pulitzer prize winning investigative reporter - working title is Off The Grid. Three other projects deal with the methamphetamine epidemic in the US. Ice Storm is my working title for two non-fiction projects: a magazine article and a book; a third project will be a police procedural mystery set in the Tucson Police Department and titled Ice.


Weird Publicity

From The Philadelphia Inquirer, Friday Jan 7, 2005
Angry Phillies fan found guilty of e-mail fraud
By Joseph A. Slobodzian, Inquirer Staff Writer

Allan E. Carlson, the Phillies fanatic accused of taking his anger about team management to an Internet audience by hijacking the e-mail addresses of area sportswriters, was convicted by a federal jury yesterday of identity theft, fraud, and computer hacking-related offenses. The jury deliberated about an hour before returning guilty verdicts on all 79 counts against Carlson, 41, a South Jersey native who has lived in a Los Angeles suburb for about 20 years.

Carlson's head sank to his chest as he listened to the verdict. He sat in his chair, staring straight ahead, periodically glancing at the cover of a book he read during the three-day trial: Shadow Play, a David Cole detective novel about a computer hacker who is also a private investigator.


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